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868.35MHZ RF Transmitter Module
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Product: Views:453868.35MHZ RF Transmitter Module 
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Last updated: 2017-10-21 13:38

Part Number: WT-RY-12  868MHZ ASK/FSK Transmitting Module 

General Description:
The WT-RY-12 is ASK/FSK ISM band Transmitting Module has these advantages of small size, low operating voltage range(down to 2.1V),high transmitting power ,low power consumption, and stable operating function, which adopting the MD technique, the advanced crystal based(PLL) on frequency stabilization techniques. It is a easy design for using between ASK and FSK modulation which mode is selected by a resistor on the PCB board.

Key Features:

  • Frequency:868.35 MHZ;

  • High output power: ± 10dBm;

  • Low operation voltage: Vcc=2.1 to 4.0V;

  • Low power consumption: Tcc=10mA

  • Low standby current:<1uA;

  • Modulation rate: 2.4KB/S;

  • Freq deviation: &plusmn;50KHZ, PLL;

  • Small size: 12.6X20.8X5.5 mm

  • Input Signal: TTL;

  • Operating Temperature: -40~85℃

  • The rang can be up to 300m matching with WR-RY-06(RX).


Pin Assignment:

Pin Name Function
1 ANT Antenna
2 VDD Positive Supply Power
3 Data Data In
4 GND Ground
5 EN Enable

Electrical Characteristics:
VDD=3.0V TA=25℃(Manachester encoded)

Characteristics Min Type Max Unit Note
Fc Carrier Frequency 866 868 870 Mhz  
Vcc Supply Voltage 2.1 3.3 4.0 V  
Is  Supply Current   10   mA FSK OR ASK &lsquo;mark&rsquo;
Modulation Mode ASK/FSK    
Output power   +10   dBm 3.3V/50&Omega;
Fdev Frequency Deviation   &plusmn;50kHz      
Iq  Staudby Current   1   uA  
Data rate     2.4 kbps FSK
Temperature -40   85  


Product Application:
u Remote gate controls
u Remote keyless entry
u Car alarm systems
u Wireless security systems
u Automation system
u Remote control systems