Natural Permanent Pure HA Injections For Buttock Enlargement

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Natural Permanent Pure HA Injections For Buttock Enlargement


Hi-Tech Hyaluronic Acid filler is a injectable long-lasting dermal filler. It is cross-linked, reabsorbable, non animal source hyaluronic acid that exists naturally in the body. Our product is a gel-like substance that is injected into the skin to fill deep wrinkles and restore volume

There are five types of products can be choosed-Fine, Derm, Derm Deep ,Ultra Deep and Subskin.These Five products make it possible to quickly and effectively meet the vast majority of patient's needs for correction and augmentation of wrinkle and folds.


Derm Deep
Ultra Deep


stablized hyaluronic acid

stablized hyaluronic acid

stablized hyaluronic acid

stablized hyaluronic acid

stablized hyaluronic acid

Approximate number of gel particles ml

Particle size (mm)
0.10 - 0.15
0.15 - 0.28
0.28 - 0.5
0.5 - 1.25
1.25 - 2.0

Recommended indications
Thin superficial lines, such as worry lines, periobital lines, perioral lines
Moderate wrinkles, such as glabellar, oral commissures. Lips: fullness, pouting and vermilion border
Deep facial wrinkles and folds, like the nasolabial folds, shaping facial contours, eg cheeks fullness, chin and lips augmentation
Large deep wrinkles and folds, it can fill wrinkles that pars cervicalis hands and chests.
The local depression, soft tissue filler, also can be used in rhinoplasty

Where to inject
Upper part of dermis
Middle part of dermis
Deep layer of dermis and /or surface layer of subcutis
Deep dermis or subcutaneous tissue shallow
Deep dermis or subcutaneous tissue shallow

8-12 months
8-12 months
8-12 months
8-12 months
8-18 months

Needles size

Volume of syringe
1ml, 2ml, 10ml, 20ml, 50ml

Volume of vial
10ml, 50ml, 100ml, 500ml, 1000ml


• Immediate and long-lasting results
• Comfortable – the premium conditions use built-in anesthetic
• Minimal recovery


•Lift saggy bottom
•Increase buttocks size
•Boost confidence
•Improve skin texture

Why Choose Us?

a. We just provide Natural Permanent Hyaluronic Acid Injections For Buttock Enlargement.

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d. We have professional engineers to design and develop new according to your requirements.

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1 . What is Hi-Tech Hyaluronic Acid gel injection ?

Hi-Tech hyaluronic acid gel injection is stabilized cross-linked Hyaluronic acid gel.It is hyaluronic acid gel injection minimally invasive plastic surgery.

2 . What are the advantages of Hi-Tech Hyaluronic Acid gel injection ?

• No animal ingredients
• No skin test needed
• Long lasting results
• Biodegradable, non permanent
• Complete product range
• Room-temperature storage

3 . Is the Hyaluronic Acid gel injection safe?

There are very few risks linked to treatment withHi-Tech Hyaluronic Acid gel injection , partly because hyaluronic acid naturally occurs in body. Hyaluronic acid is broken down by body. None of it remains in skin and the skin does not suffer any damage.

4 . How long does the effect of hyaluronic acid last?

Treatment results will different for each person. In a clinical study, the treatment results lasted for up to 1 year after the first treatment session, for most patients. Touch-up treatments can maintain the desired effect.

5 . How is a treatment performed?

The crystal-clear Hi-Tech gel is injected into the skin in tiny amounts with a very fine needle. The gel produces volume under the wrinkle, which is lifted up and smoothed out. When enhancing lips or facial contours,Hi-Tech adds volume and shape to the treated area.

6 . How long will the treatment session take?

It is a very quick and easy process to be treated by Hi-Tech Hyaluronic Acid gel injection . As no pre-test needed, the treatment can be carried out immediately. A treatment generally takes 30 minutes.

7 . What can be treated?

Treating lines, wrinkles, folds, contours and lips.Hi-Tech Reyoungel Hyaluronic gel injection offers a complete solution for facial-tissue augmentation.

8 . Does Hyaluronic acid injection hurt?

Most people find hyaluronic acid gel injection relatively painless. They may prick a little. If you like, a topical anaesthetic can be applied to the area being treated prior to your procedure. When enhancing the lips, local anaesthetic injection is often used.

9 . Are there side effects associated with Hi-Tech Hyaluronic Acid gel injection treatment?

Minor complications can occur, but they are generally light and easy to manage.Hi-Tech hyaluronic acid gel injection side effects include minor swelling, redness, and perhaps some mild discomfort at the injection sites. Inflammatory reactions may last for up to weeks in rare cases.

10 . What is Hi-Tech Hyaluronic Acid gel injection Treatment Process?

Hi-Tech Hyaluronic Acid gel injection treatment is attractive in part because it is so fast and easy. The patient receives the gel injection in the doctor's office and generally does not require any anesthesia (one exception:Hi-Tech lip filler treatment is usually accompanied by a local anesthetic). The hyaluronic acid gel injection are applied over the course of 15 minutes to 1 hour, depending on the size of treated area. Once gel administered, the session is over and patient is free to return to normal activities.

11. Can Hi-Tech hyaluronic acid gel injection be used if I have had laser treatment or some other plastic surgey?

If you have plastic surgery recently, you should wait for your wound or cut to be healed completely. After the skin is healed back to normal condition, you can take Hi-Tech Hyaluronic Acid gel injection .

12. How Does Hi-Tech Hyaluronic Acid gel injection Work?

Hi-Tech hyaluronic acid gel injection is a transparent gel with cross-linked hyaluronic acid, no animal ingrediedient. The hyaluronic acid is a tissue-friendly substance resembling the hyaluronic acid that occurs naturally in the body.

Hi-Tech Hyaluronic Acid Hyaluronic acid gel injection enhances your natural looks by restoring your skin’s volume, creating softness and revitalizing your appearance.

Non-Animal Origin, no skin test beeded. Simple procedure is taken around 30 minutes , with safe and effective result.
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